Understanding Outdoor Function Branding

These are some ways in which you can enhance your brand presence at an outdoor event especially with the use of tents. Outdoor branding is very important for organizations. Especially at functions that gather large crowds getting the attention you need requires that you use available graphic print solutions in the most effective way to attract customers.

Larger format graphics on event banners and other outdoor signage need to be well designed to attract the right audience. The colours used and the designs that are used all matter when it comes to these outdoor functions. A good promotional tool placed in the wrong place also will not be effective. Likewise there are many factors to consider in getting your branding effective.

Sizing is important

Experts emphasize that larger the graphic the better it can be seen and attract viewers from many corners of the event space. However larger artworks cost more and are not very affordable for many. Therefore it needs to be used at the correct location for better effectiveness. They would be better seen if they are placed as a background at an arena or stage. Some even add them inside tents at the back end. Such locations can be very lucrative however if you place these ads near a busy intersection such as where food and drinks are served, then chances are they will go unnoticed.

Preparation for outdoor branding

Many businesses take part in outdoor functions such as expos and sports events. In such locations strong brand recognition is important. Expo shades are great tools that can be used in such occasions. They have multiple avenues to showcase the company logo and desired branding message. These tents have a wider display space on the roof that can be utilised to display the brand or company logo prominently for all to see, making them very effective.

Time intervalsIt also helps to understand that advertisements should be placed strategically around the event space. This is because the attention span and the emotions visitors have will vary. Therefore with some research and observation you might be able to understand how and when they are likely to respond to large visuals. In some instances people will be back to their normal emotional state when leaving an event, rather than at the beginning, therefore it might be wise to have the large advertisements displayed at the very end.


The graphics that are ultimately printed on various materials need to be specially designed. And these files need to be sent to the outdoor solutions providers in digital format. Most often the files formats used are JPEG, TIFF or EPS, however it is always best to check with the supplier or the printer what formats they require the artwork in. The resolution and scale of the images also need to be checked as these promotional materials will be printed in very large format. These are some aspects that you need to consider in outdoor branding. However if you are very new to this, it is best to speak to professional suppliers to get their viewpoints and ideas.