Getting Rid Of Dust In Your Home

One of the biggest single reasons why people want to keep their homes clean is to avoid large dust build-ups. Dust itself is made of several tiny particles, originating from things such as cloth fabric, paper, pet hair and most of all, our dead skin cells that we constantly shed each and every day. Excessive dust in your home is sure to look ugly, not to mention that it can increase the chance of getting allergies and a few diseases as well.Among the various ways to get rid of dust, the following tips and tricks should work very well to accomplish the objective:

  • Clean Often – The only sure-fire way to get rid of dust on your floor and most other places where it is likely to build up is to perform your cleaning duties quite often. When cleaning a surface, try not to spread the dust around, and instead collect it in one place so that you can quickly remove it without it falling over and accumulating all over the floor again. A cloth or rag dampened with water can be useful for cleaning those surfaces with very thick dust layers. Vacuuming your floor at least twice a week is also a good practice to keep dust levels in check.
  • Always Clean Top to Bottom – Whenever you are cleaning your home, you should always work your way from the topmost surfaces to the bottom, and not the other way around. This can help you cut down on time taken for cleaning.
  • Use an Air Purification Device – If you or your family members suffer from allergies, it may be a good idea to buy an air purifier for your home. New models do a lot more things than just removing dust particles: they may help filter outdoor allergens such as pollen, remove dust mites and even unpleasant odours that may find their way into your home. For the best results, you may want to install an air purification device in each of your rooms, or at least the rooms worst affected by dust build-up.
  • Cut Down on Carpeting – Carpets will accumulate a lot of dust with the passing of time, even if you have a good air purifier installed in your household. To clean your carpets more thoroughly, take them out and beat them with your broom or a similar object. You may also consider removing some of the larger carpets altogether if you find it a hassle to do this regularly.
  • Change Your Bedsheets Often – Dust mites love blankets, beddings, sheets and pillow covers that are not changed too often. Changing and washing all of these every few weeks can help you reduce a lot of problems you may face due to excessive dust build-up on them, including those days when you may find yourself waking up with a stuffed nose.