Is Turkish Tea Making Different? & How They Serve?

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As everyone knows that the Turkish tea is very famous almost all over the world and once a person visited the Turkey he must go to taste different flavours of Turkish tea as a less Turkish lamps for sale or Turkish coffee machine and also Turkish cushions.

How to make Turkish tea?

When you go for buy Turkish coffee or Turkish tea you will be get the idea that the method of making 30 also different and special which makes the Turkish tea and by Turkish coffee unique. Here we are going to discuss and elaborate the method of making the special Turkish tea step by step:

  • Before making any flavour or any kind of Turkish tea you must check out its sample for safety. Before making it pour some tea leaves in a cup of hot water if the water changes its colours slowly then the quality of the tea leaves is best but if the water changes its colour very quickly then you must go for another brand. You must keep the Turkish tea or buy Turkish coffee in an airtight container so that no accessory would enter it which will cause fungus all may affect the quality of the tea leaves. Just like Turkish tea, Turkish cushions and Turkish coffee machine are also very unique all over the world.
  • If you want to follow the tradition of Turkey then you have to use double teapots in which the upper and smaller teapot contains the tea bags in it order tea leaves in it while the lower and bigger teapot contains the boiling water.
  • You must be avoid bitterness in the Turkish tea which will cause due to Excess of oxygen in it. So after boiling the tea leaves should be drained out of the water in this way the actual and sweet taste of Turkish day could be maintained as the Turkish tea or buy Turkish coffee meant to be a sweet beverage.
  • Don’t put the tea leaves in the water just after boiling it. Let the water boil for some minutes after that you will put the tea leaves in it so that their natural flavour and colour could be maintained.
  • You don’t need to stir continually in the water while adding up the tea leaves in it. This will cause bitterness in the tea. Just put the tea leaves in boiling water and let them boil for some minutes.
  • You have to drink this tea within 30 minutes after making it otherwise its taste will become bitter.

How to take Turkish tea:

Turkish people use Tulip shaped cups with a small saucer to serve the tea. They don’t add milk in the tea however they add two to three cubes of sugar in it. If you want to visit Turkey then you must take this tea in small ships so that you could enjoy every bit of its taste.